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Covid-19 Viral Disinfection Service


 Is a Division 1 licensed general contractor with experience and expertise in all types of

Decontamination Protocols: We clean and disinfect all surfaces with certified antiviral Disinfectants


We Provide Thorough Sanitation

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention:

“Most people are not  following the directions for disinfecting surfaces with disinfecting wipes.”


Directions  state: When disinfecting with wipes, the product must stay WET on the surface for a

period of time (e.g., 3-5 minutes) or it is completely ineffective and is very possible to

spread the virus from surface to surface when the disinfecting wipes are not used


We  provide the following  sanitation equipment: 

  • PPE and cleaning materials for KJ Facilities Solution personnel. 
  • Anti-viral disinfectant
  • Tyvek contamination suits - gloves - eye protection - footies
  • Microfiber cloths - Mops - Ladders - Carts - Plastic bags, and More.
  • Upon request, We will install 2x Dri-Eze HEPA 500 CFM air scrubbers with filter changes during the wipe  down and decontamination remediation work.
  • We Wipe all hard surfaces, lighting, HVAC registers - Equipment - furniture - floors - walls - base and exposed surfaces with certified Medical/Industrial anti-viral disinfectant and then Fog designated area with certified Medical/Industrial antiviral disinfectant. (All chemicals are approved and recommended by the EPA)

As you can see It is important to wipe down all services thoroughly to prevent any cross-contamination, Our staff will sanitize top to bottom.  

Contact Us for Pricing and Booking

Pricing excludes third party post-testing. 


KJ Facilities Solution is not liable for

any areas that have not been cleaned that can cross-contaminate our cleaning


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